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Adventures Fueled by Yarn

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Howdy Y'all! 🤠

This is my first blog post since about 2007, back when Xanga & Blogger were a thing. It's funny to think that I'm revisiting the blog life now as a professional! If you're new to Pan Fran Knit Co 🐼⚡, welcome! If you're coming back for more, howdy🤠! My name is Becky Anne. I started this company because I love yarn and making gorgeous things out of it. I like it so much that I want to help others find some yarn-y passion as well! I offer things that I've made in the shop, including tapestries, crocheted goods, and hand-dyed yarn 🧶🌈, to get people either pumped up for handmade items and/or to inspire them to create for themselves.

Creating something from nothing is fulfilling. It gives me purpose. There's nothing better than to sit down with some yarn and turn it into something to love and cherish, a piece of art. In my non-yarn life, I have a great little family that includes my darling spouse, Chris, and two adorable and adventurous puppers, Peach 🍑 and Gizmo 💩. We are currently living in Chattanooga, TN, and will be moving to Nashville soon! I'm so excited to move to the city!

My two snugglepups and some finished objects of mine! I crocheted the blue blanket as a wedding present for my spouse. The fingerless gloves were knitted from an awesome subscription box, YarnYAY! by Vickie Howell.

I have my B.A. in Psychology from Georgia State University, therefore I am pro-mental health awareness and safe places for people to share their own journey with getting better 😌. I occasionally work with children who have complex communication needs, so I know some ASL and how to work a speech generating device. 🤟📱💬

I practice yoga regularly-ish and enjoy how strong 💪 it makes me feel! I love to listen to podcasts, especially My Favorite Murder ☠. It's astounding to me the community that has emerged from this podcast in general, but most especially my Knitterino gang. 💕

I'm a major music fan, and have some wide and wild tastes in music. 🎶 In order to fold my two loves together, I name my colorways for songs I'm currently listening to and inspired by. I also like to pick charities that I like that somehow mesh well with the songs I've picked, and donate a portion of the profits to support them and their missions. It is a pretty fun process picking songs and non-profits that fit together with the yarn!

You can check out my yarn playlist on spotify - it's growing! 🥳

In case you didn't know already, I also love to use emojis when I write. 😉 They're just so much fun, so why not?! 🙃

I can't wait to share more with you all both here and other places on the interwebz. I would love to hear from y'all! Where are you from? What do you do? What are your hobbies? Do you have any animals? What inspires you most to create? That's all for today! Thank you for reading! Have a FANTASTIC day! 💕 Becky Anne 🐼⚡


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