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Pan Fran Knit Co.

what we're about

Pan Fran Knit Co. began as a dream - to pursue that dream would be a very big adventure indeed.


We believe the world needs more artists, more handmade, and more rainbows. Our goal is to help make big dreams into a reality, and to heal the world with real positivity and support.

We believe in inclusivity, regardless of how you look, who you love, what you're currently able to do and what you will be able to do, or what makes you tick. We want to be there for you with ALL the things that make you YOU!

At Pan Fran Knit Co. we believe in supporting our community with achieving their dreams.That is why we donate a portion of each sale to community organizations.


Pan Fran Knit Co. is pronounced similarly to "San Fransisco", and is a combo of Becky Anne's favorite things - her childhood stuffie, Panda, her tattooed panda, whose name is Fransisco, THe Bay itself, and of course, rolling the fiber art in as well to make "Pan Fran Knit Co."

San Fransisco is far from our location in Music City, USA, but many of the goals we have for our community are inspired by the art-filled peace and love culture found in the Bay. Berkely was an important stop on our fiber lovin' journey, with many Local Yarn Shops around and the spirit of generosity we experienced while working, living, and playing in the Bay.


Thanks for stopping by!

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