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Meet Pan FranKnitCo.

I am striving to provide you with excellent products, service, and care.

I believe in my community and the power of positivity. I believe we mend ourselves and show love through handiwork.


You matter.

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Becky Anne Smith

She IS Pan FranKnitCo.

A lover of art from a young age, Becky found her medium of choice when her mom taught her how to crochet when she was 8. Eventually she was peer pressured into learning how to knit, and that love of fiber became fully realized. She eventually began weaving, dyeing yarn, spinning, and continues to marvel at the miraculous process of making things out of string. More recently she has become a roller skater and potter.

Becky likes to see how things work together in collaborative ways. She's a firm believer of "yes, and" dreams. Her work strives to bring things and people to work in harmony with each other.

She also really loves fluffy things and fiber friends. :-) 


Non-yarn info: 
Becky has her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Georgia State University. She has always enjoyed working with kids, especially since she is still a kid at heart. Becky works with children of all ages including students who have multiple disabilities and complex communication needs; she has experience with Augmentative and Alternative Communication and uses ASL when working.


If you know ASL, Becky is always looking for more conversation partners, so sign "HI" and introduce yourself! 

Pan Fran Knit Co. is excited to adventure with you in this epic yarn called "life".

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